Rivoluzionario è anche fare proprie le parole degli altri perchè in quegli “altri” si è trovato qualcosa di se stessi. E allora +1 e andiamo avanti verso una speranza di cambiamento perchè il fondo è stato raggiunto e la melma rischia di soffocarci definitivamente, risolleviamoci!

Knitted Notes

“Television is not the truth.

Television is a goddamned amusement park.”

Howard Beale

From: Network – 1976

Do not watch that TV!!!! I’m not joking, it may be dangerous, especially in Italy. Just imagine… you’re trying to ignore someone (for instance an old man not very tall, with weird hair, speaking with very strong milanese accent, having some trouble with justice and thinking there’s no one else in the world who’s charming, capable and leader like him…) and you’re quite relaxed because you think “Ehi, there’s the electoral campaign going on, one can’t go on TV whenever he likes! There are rules.”, but that guy is always on TV there, night and day, on every television channel even in Sport news (after all, there might be a reason if he owns a football club), he’s always telling you that he had to resign because of a conspiracy against him, that he will cut taxes…

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